Minecraft 1.7.6 Official Download

Minecraft 1.7.6 Official Download


Version 1.7.6 has become formally launched. This version consists of some bugfixes, a couple of updates to create Area better still of computer already is and prepares Minecraft for that renaming feature which will eventually permit you to relabel your player. The renaming feature won’t be available today, but it is really an important step towards it. We’ve also transformed the interior handling of player skins to take advantage in our new, enhanced skin servers.

Regrettably the fir.7.6 version isn’t suitable for 1.7.5 (or earlier) servers. Please improve your servers to at least one.7.6, this is an essential key to ready them for that approaching 1.8 release. Servers should instantly update all player profiles towards the new format, but please make certain that you’re within the correct server mode (online mode/offline mode) when you begin the fir.7.6 server the very first time, because profiles aren’t compatible between both of these server modes.


Cross-platform server jar: http://bit.ly/1qQbBgc

Cross-platform server exe: http://bit.ly/1oYtn5v


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